“I’m afraid my taxes will go up” Your assessment cannot be legally increased solely as a result of challenging your assessment.

“Will someone from the town come into my house?” We recently won a landmark decision which now protects homeowners from the threat of home a inspection due to filing a tax grievance.

“I’ve already have a STAR exemption” This is not the STAR exemption and any exemptions you qualify for will not be effected by a tax challenge.

“Do I have to appear in court?” NO. If an appeal is filed, we do all the work and go to court. It’s a part of our service.

“The value of my house will go down” High taxes bring down property values. Reducing your taxes increase the value of your home.

“I pay about the same as my neighbors” We have found whole neighborhoods or sub-divisions that are over-assessed. Therefore, maybe you & your neighbors should be filing a challenge. Call about our neighborhood discount program.

“Do I have to pay the fee to you year after year?” No, it is a one-time fee. After the first year all subsequent savings are yours.

“Do I need to get an appraisal?” NO. A certified appraisal is not required. We do an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis as part of our service.

“The assessor said I’m being properly taxes” If the assessor was always right we wouldn’t be in business for the past 20 years.

“Am I qualified?” Every homeowner is qualified to challenge their assessment.

More questions… Call our office to speak with one of our specialists who will answer all of your concerns.

Filing a Tax Grievance is a NO-LOSE situation for a homeowner. The best case is you save $$$. The worst case is you are properly assessed, and you owe us nothing.

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